Travel blog: Madrid es, simplemente, mejor!

Among the southern capitals of Europe, compared to Paris and Rome, my encounter with Madrid was really pleasant. I already know that Spanish people are friendly, and Madrileños seemed even friendlier than usual. Everybody was more than eager to give directions – with or without actual knowledge of the location[…]

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Color, light, innovation

My sniffing the future trends continues. This time from the point of view of light, colors and related innovation and design. To compensate for the “noise” created by crowds, traffic, information overflow, mobile virtual reality, and the entire semiotic universe, we yearn for peace and quiet; an emptier space to[…]

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KITES 2013: Is language like toilet paper?

It was a busy October on the seminar front. Just a few days after METM13, I found myself at KITES 2013, the annual meeting point of language technology in Finland. At lunch I got to talking with my fellow former students of translation studies about persistent general ignorance related to[…]

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