Asturias, Spain

¡Que azul! Travel blog Asturias

Think of Spain, and what do you see? Crowded beaches, paella, flamenco dancers? Yes, so did I before getting to know Asturias on the north coast. It’s another, much fresher world altogether. Did you know that the Rockies of Europe take place in Spain?

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Asiantuntijabrändi, ammenna siitä

Pääsin pitkästä aikaa puhumaan itsestäni, mikä on nykyisin jo ihan mukavaa. Tai no, enemmän kuitenkin ammatillisesta puolesta, jos näitä kahta voi tai edes kannattaa erottaa. On hienoa, kun tällaisia tilaisuuksia siunaantuu, koska niissä voi paitsi antaa myös saada. Siis tutustua saman alan ihmisiin, keskustella, vuorovaikuttaa ja ammentaa lisää näkemystä. Kerta[…]

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Cape Context work

Working from summer home

Anybody who has ever worked from home knows how distracting it can be. There are all those important papers you have to read first and then the laundry to do. Folding underwear suddenly becomes utterly important, even if you work all day – or all week – in pajamas. (A[…]

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London Skyline

BIM changes the London skyline

London’s skyline is transforming into a fine collection of striking skyscrapers with bread-and-butter aliases: The Gherkin, Helter Skelter, Cloud, Boomerang, Three Sisters, Walkie-Talkie, Cheese Grater, Shard… what’s next, the Toilet Brush? In addition to titillating nicknames, what these projects have in common is the necessity to use the latest construction[…]

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Near Hauptbahnhof Berlin

Travel blog Berlin: Then We Take Berlin

I met Dagi on a long-distance bus on our way to Exeter University in 1988. Or maybe it was the summer of 1989. Quite a long time ago, anyway. We’ve been friends ever since, meeting every couple of years in different places around Europe and doing a bit of traveling[…]

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Let it flow

Ever think of redundancy or stacking when writing a text or revising or editing somebody else’s text? Or the subjects, characters, and actions in your sentences? I do now, after attending a lovely brain-stretching English workshop in the Language Centre of Helsinki University under the theme Let it Flow.

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Travel blog London: Artings from London

Visiting the city of volatile weather with 16 sweet-sixteens is intense and hurts in the feet. We’re an art-oriented group with an ambitious program to travel blog London and see at least some of the important works available here from the Middle Ages to Modernism. Museums are not enough when[…]

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On top of the nation’s bookcase

I visited the high-and-mighty Finnish Literature Society (SKS) for the first time to witness the annual translation awards ceremony. The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL) grants two awards for translations into Finnish: the Mikael Agricola Award in recognition of an outstanding literature translation and the J.A. Hollo Award[…]

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What’s in a product name?

A product by any other name could sell as sweet… I wanted to blog about product naming because I was once given the task to come up with a stellar product name on a very brief notice. Within 24 hours or so. Tell me about it. I had to do[…]

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