The NEaT is on

A couple of years ago I attended an English seminar in the Language Centre of Helsinki University. I write, edit and translate in both Finnish and English, so whenever there is professional training available in English in Finland, I am the first to enroll. Unless it costs a million. There[…]

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Leadership made simple

I went to an office sharing event at kontoret and heard a man say things about leadership that I’ve always thought should be common sense at workplaces. Unfortunately, they’re not. But perhaps they will be. The man’s name is Ari Rämö, he’s the managing director of a SICK company (yes,[…]

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Color, light, innovation

My sniffing the future trends continues. This time from the point of view of light, colors and related innovation and design. To compensate for the “noise” created by crowds, traffic, information overflow, mobile virtual reality, and the entire semiotic universe, we yearn for peace and quiet; an emptier space to[…]

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Kääntää-verbin merkitys

Unohdetaan se k:lla alkava sana

Kääntäjä kääntää, koska rakastaa kieltä. Hänestä on ihanaa uppoutua erilaisiin teksteihin ja termistöihin, miettiä loputtomiin sanavalintojensa vivahde-eroja ja niiden vaikutuksia viestin vastaanottajaan, oivaltaa uusia ilmaisuja ja toisaalta vaalia äidinkielelleen tyypillisiä ilmaisutapoja. Kääntäminen on monelle kutsumusammatti, ja niinpä sitä valitettavan usein tehdään hinnalla millä hyvänsä.

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Green economy: We need to know this

Did you think communicators only know about communications? Not quite enough for us, I’m afraid. In reality, our work is continuously learning about new industries, trends, technologies, and products. And not just learning about them but really digging deep into them in order to design and deliver effective messages and[…]

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