Kääntää-verbin merkitys

Unohdetaan se k:lla alkava sana

Kääntäjä kääntää, koska rakastaa kieltä. Hänestä on ihanaa uppoutua erilaisiin teksteihin ja termistöihin, miettiä loputtomiin sanavalintojensa vivahde-eroja ja niiden vaikutuksia viestin vastaanottajaan, oivaltaa uusia ilmaisuja ja toisaalta vaalia äidinkielelleen tyypillisiä ilmaisutapoja. Kääntäminen on monelle kutsumusammatti, ja niinpä sitä valitettavan usein tehdään hinnalla millä hyvänsä.

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Corporate transparency all the way

Thinking that a company’s only responsibility is to increase its profits is still relevant at the dawn of corporate awareness. Corporate transparency i.e. making decision-making and operations as open as possible to all stakeholders and the general public is a great opportunity to make the profit incentive publicly acceptable and[…]

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Season’s Greetings 2018

Dear reader: another year gone by, and it’s time to thank all clients, partners and colleagues for great content, captivating projects and happy moments meeting face to face or electronically, as we do. Couldn’t work without you. I wish you the best holiday season of all times and look forward[…]

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Season’s Greetings 2017

In the spirit and tradition of favorite poet William Carlos Williams, this is just to say: I have enjoyed the assignments that were in my inbox and which you were probably sending for betterment Forgive me they were demanding so discreet and so manifold (For comparison, here is the original[…]

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METM17: understanding our clients, the writing process from concept to completion

Mediterranean Editors and Translators’ annual conference was held in beautiful Brescia, Italy, from 24 to 26 October. The METM events are always organized in spectacular non-mainstream locations with lovely restaurants and local wines available nearby. The atmosphere is kept intimate by limiting the number of participants to circa 150. There[…]

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