Season’s Greetings 2015

The half-stripped trees struck by a wind together, bending all, the leaves flutter drily and refuse to let go… With the always-so-appropriate words by William Carlos Williams, it is time to thank you all for another busy and interesting year in business and hope that we can do the same all over again in 2016! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Season’s Greetings. Our gift donations have gone to children’s organizations Interpedia and Unicef, as always.

Christmas in Cape Context

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The photo is from last year when we had a lovely white Christmas surprise waiting for us when we arrived at the cottage. The most beautiful holidays ever. All the best to your celebrations this year! Below is the whole poem quoted in the beginning.

Approach of Winter
William Carlos Williams, 1883—1963

The half-stripped trees
struck by a wind together,
bending all,
the leaves flutter drily
and refuse to let go
or driven like hail
stream bitterly out to one side
and fall
where the salvias, hard carmine,—
like no leaf that ever was—
edge the bare garden.


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